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About Doctors Medical Center

Doctors Medical Center is a full service, acute care hospital serving the residents of West Contra Costa for over 50 years.  Supported by local taxes, DMC offers a full range of health services and accepts most insurance plans. Doctors Medical Center is owned and operated by the West Contra Costa Healthcare District


Our Story

In 1948, residents from El Cerrito/Kensington to Crockett formed the West Contra Costa Healthcare District in order to build Brookside Hospital.  The hospital was leased to a for-profit organization in 1997, which changed the hospital's name to Doctors Medical Center.  The Healthcare District resumed operations of the hospital on August 1, 2004 and re-established DMC as a non-profit community hospital.



Working Together

DMC is the largest employer in the city of San Pablo and works closely with unions, community volunteers and other health organizations.  In addition to active participation in a variety of community organizations, DMC offers an array of hospital sponsored events, focused on serving and educating West Contra Costa residents regarding health related issues.  DMC also provides and supports ongoing education for employees, continuing education programs for physicians, and training opportunities for medical and nursing students.



Hospital Programs

DMC offers a broad range of key specialities, bringing important health services closer to West Contra Costa residents:

Emergency Department - A 24-bed unit with advanced equipment, an onsite helipad, and staffed by board certified physicians 24-hours a day.  Centrally located in West Contra Costa, the ED is no more than 15 minutes away for most residents. EFFECTIVE AUGUST 7, 2014 DOCTORS MEDICAL CENTER WILL NO LONGER ACCEPT EMS AMBULANCE TRANSPORT.



Regional Cancer Center - An advanced treatment center providing residents with the latest technology in cancer care and access to clinical trials to receive the latest medical/drug therapy.  Recognized by the Commission on Cancer for providing patients with the gold standard of care, the Regional Cancer Center is committed to quality patient care and positive outcomes.


Cardiac Services - DMC offers a broad range of elective and emergent cardiac procedures including: interventional cardiology (angioplasty and intracoronary stenting), electrophysiology (catheter ablation, defibrillators, pacemakers) as well as recovery and aftercare (cardiac rehabilitation).


*Public Notice regarding changes to Cardiology services available at DMC 


Our exceptional range of services also includes:


DMC Mission Statement

DMC is dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare to meet the diverse needs of our community.  Through the allocation of appropriate services, we are committed to improving the community's health status by providing a full spectrum of services.  This will be achieved by:

  • Providing a caring team of professionals committed to patient/customer satisfaction and continual performance improvement
  • Assuring technologically sophisticated medical care
  • Promoting community health education and disease prevention
  • Working cooperatively with other healthcare providers
  • Operating in an economically prudent manner while assuring full access to all members of the community

DMC Values

DMC takes into consideration the following in making decisions and taking actions:

  • Customer focus
  • Professional integrity
  • Organization-wide thinking
  • Action-oriented decision-making