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Cardiac Services

Whether your heart requires preventative or maintenance care, if you are critical and need surgical intervention immediately, our hospital has the staff and technology to respond expertly.


Our Cardiac Services cover a wide range of treatments, from interventional cardiology to Electrophysiology.  The following array of cardiac services available at Doctors Medical Center allows our staff to pinpoint a treatment designed specifically for your heart, including through:


INTERVENTIONAL CARDIOLOGY describes a variety of corrective procedures and devices that can be delivered via catheter to a compromised heart.  The advanced treatments available at Doctors Medical Center can help patients avoid the physicial and emotional toll of bypass surgery -

  • Angioplasty is a procedure in which a balloon is inserted through a catheter to create larger openings in the arteries through which blood can flow.
  • Intracoronary Stenting is a procedure in which a metal scaffold, called a stent, is delivered within the artery via a catheter.  This strengthens the artery walls by acting as a sleeve, and is recognized as an important tool in lowering recurrence rates.

ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY is the study of electrical impulses that guide the rate and regularity of heartbeats.  A disturbance in these electrical impulses can result in a speeding up, slowing down, or skipping of the heartbeat that every minute pumps nearly a gallon and a half of blood through the body.  Called arrhythmias, these kinds of abnormalities can strike suddenly, sometimes even fatally.  Doctors Medical Center offers a wide range of treatments available for those with heart arrhythmias including:

  • Catheter Ablation is a procedure which uses a catheter to apply small, precise burns, via low frequency radio waves, to destroy the tissue that generates rapid heart rhythms.  With the abnormal impulse interupted, the rapid rhythm no longer occurs and the need for medications is often eliminated.
  • Defibrillators are devices that deliver electric shocks to the heart, helping return the heart to its normal rhythm and helping reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death.  With the advanced technologies available at Doctors Medical Center, defibrillators may now be placed without surgically entering the chest cavity.
  • Pacemakers are devices no larger than a silver dollar that function as mini-computers, storing data about heart rhythm activity.  During subsequent check-ups, a programming wand is placed near the pacemaker and, using radio frequency waves, the wand relays the stored information to a computer.  This allows an electrophysiologist to interpret the data.

RECOVERY & AFTERCARE is an important step for those fighting the continuing battle against heart disease.  Doctors Medical Center offers a medically supervised Cardiac Rehabilitation program designed to benefit those who have had a heart attack, undergone a coronary bypass, angioplasty or atherectomy, have peripheral vascular disease or stable angina.


GET A CLOSER LOOK AT OUR CADIOLOGISTS: Our commitment to providing compassionate, personal care is as important as our commitment to cutting edge technology.  Our team combines expert care and first-rate cardiovascular facilities to bring you superior care in your own back yard. The Cardiologists at Doctors Medical Center include: