Multidisciplinary Lung Clinic

Patients who have a suspicious diagnostic imaging test or have physical symptoms seen first in their physicians' offices or in our Emergency Department can be referred to our Lung Clinic. Here they have access to a team composed of many medical experts including pulmonologists, medical and radiation oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, nurses, dietitians and other specialists.


MultiLC-1Our lung clinic offers “one-stop” services for diagnosing lung cancer. By combining diagnostic services in one location, patients have fast access to the services necessary to confirm and treat a lung cancer diagnosis in one location.


Our Cancer Center front office representative will welcome you and assist you with completing our intake forms and answer any questions that you and your loved ones may have.


MultiLC AbidMajidAbid Majid, M.D.

Pulmonologist, Intensivist, Director -- Multi-Disciplinary Lung Clinic

“My goal at the Multidisciplinary Lung Clinic is to find, treat, and identify complex illnesses at a time when our patients have the best chance for outcomes. Everyone knows that an expedited diagnosis means a better chance of survival.


I am proud of the community-based work we do, serving as the only “one-stop” cancer care provider in all of Western Contra Costa. Our care follows best practice guidelines, the nurses here are extremely well-trained, and I also take pride in the teamwork we all come together to provide -- all in the best interest of our patients and their loved ones. I love working with my patients at DMC because they are fully involved in their care, playing a lead role in the decision-making process.


I remember a particular patient who came in with serious signs of an illness and we were able to identify a spot on her lung that turned out to be lung cancer. Her diagnosis was early enough that we were able to perform surgery after treatment, she was declared 100% cancer-free. One of the things I remember and inspires me to continue to work is when she came back to visit me. All she wanted was to give me a hug -- this was the only way she could express her joy and emotion".


Scheduling your appointment

Open Monday through Friday

Hours: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (closed noon - 1 p.m. for lunch)

Telephone: 510-970-5864    Fax: 510-970-5477


Preparing for your appointment

Please arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment. Be sure to bring a list of all your medications (over the counter as well as prescribed), vitamins and supplements (including dosages for each), your insurance card and photo ID to every appointment.


What to expect during your appointment

After your initial visit, most diagnostic follow up services can also be provided at the Lung Clinic. For patients who are diagnosed with other respiratory problems, our hospital also provides many other onsite pulmonary services for quick and easy diagnosis and follow up, including pulmonary function tests, pulmonary procedures like bronchoscopy, and a sleep apnea clinic.