The J.C. Robinson, M.D. Regional Cancer Center’s registered dietitian is certified as a specialist in cancer nutrition and provides education and support to patients throughout their treatment, offering education and support. The registered dietitian works with patients to develop an individualized diet plan with the goal of promoting recovery and improved health.




Scheduling your appointment

Open every Wednesday and alternate days of Friday and Monday

Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Telephone: (510) 970-5383   Fax: (510) 970-5743


Patients who are interested in receiving nutrition services can be referred by their Cancer Center physician. For your convenience, visits with the dietitian may be scheduled together with your other Cancer Center appointments. Review your appointment schedule with the dietitian to schedule your diet and nutrition meetings.


Preparing for your appointment

Before our dietitian meets with you, he will review your case and conduct a screening that may include a phone interview to assess your nutritional needs and risks.


What to expect during your appointment

Nutritional support is available to our patients during all phases of their cancer care – from prevention to survivorship. Our registered dietitian will tailor a nutrition and lifestyle plan to each patient’s health status and goals.


Brian Lawson, RD, CSO – also known as “The Food Guy”

Clinical/Oncology Registered Dietitian

“I like working at Doctors Medical Center’s Cancer Center because I feel that we really provide the personal touch here.


We get to know our patients - and often, their loved ones - over the course of months and even years. At the Cancer Center we learn about who our patients are as individuals, and help them cope with the challenges of their diseases”


Our Cancer Center physicians welcome patients interest in diet and nutrition so please be sure to let your doctor know that you would like to see the dietitian.


Nutrition 3Educational resources our dietitian may share with you include:

Our dietitian may review this handout with you and your loved ones so that you may learn more about foods and nutrients associated with cancer prevention.


For additional prevention tips please click to view some easy ways to achieve the American Institute for Cancer’s Nutritional Guidelines.


Research has shown that good health, nutrition and exercise are all related. Good nutrition is important for patients receiving chemotherapy because both the illness and treatment can affect the patient’s eating patterns. For more information:

Nutrition tips for chemotherapy patients

Nutrition tips to help prevent breast cancer and avoid remission


CDR Logo NutritionThe Cancer Center’s registered dietitian is certified by the Commission on Dietetic Registration as a board-certified specialist in oncology nutrition. To receive board certification, a dietitian must have documented practice experience of more than 2,000 hours in oncology nutritional services, successful completion of a peer-reviewed examination and recertification every five years. The registered dietitian is also a member of the American Dietetic Association.


Additional Nutrition resources

Oncology nutrition

National Cancer Institute

American Institute for Cancer Research

American Cancer Society