Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is a painless treatment for patients with cancer. The radiation treatment is focused on a small area and has limited side effects. Most patients undergoing radiation therapy will not feel sick or look that way to others. They are often able to work or enjoy their normal activities while undergoing their treatments. Some patients may only need radiation treatments. Others may benefit from a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.


Madhu Shetti, M.D.

"I visited the DMC Cancer center 6 times before I became part of the DMC family as I wanted a full spectrum of experiences. We are incredibly lucky as care providers to be able to provide truly integrated, multi-disciplinary care for patients and their families. I enjoy getting to know patients and their families and addressing their concerns. In many centers providers are so rushed for time that they are unable to make a personal connection with a patient. Our physicians, nurses, and other staff members strive to know every patient as individuals first and I believe the personal connection allows us to provide outstanding oncologic care.


I believe we are life-long teachers and students and I enjoy my opportunities to teach and mentor high school and medical students. I believe we have an obligation to our community via outreach and education and I am thankful the DMC family and staff have supported and facilitated my interests."


Scheduling your appointment

Open Monday through Friday

Hours: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

(510) 970-5247 to speak with a radiation therapy care coordinator

(510) 970-5799 to speak with a radiation therapy nurse

Fax: (510) 970-5743


When you arrive at the J.C. Robinson, M.D. Regional Cancer Center please check with a patient care coordinator. Our radiation therapy nurse will escort all patients to the clinic area for their appointments.


Preparing for your appointment

If you are new to our Cancer Center, please complete the Patient Intake form and bring it to your



If you have received chemotherapy or radiation therapy at a hospital other than Doctors Medical

Center, please fill out the Patient Release of Records form and return it to us before your



What to expect during your appointment

A doctor will meet with you in consultation to discuss your diagnosis, prognosis and weigh the

benefits and side effects of undergoing radiation therapy.


If you are a candidate for radiation therapy, your first appointment will be a simulation appointment. This includes the doctor taking measurements and making a mold to design your radiation therapy. No radiation is provided during a patient?s first appointment.


Your team designs a custom treatment plan with quality assurance ensured by our staff medical physicist. We offer treatments established from evidence-based medicine and nationally set standards of care including intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and stereoscopic guidance, when appropriate. Once a plan is generated, our physics team performs quality assurance measures prior to initiation of therapy. Treatment is then delivered for a number of days determined by your radiation oncologist. Each treatment is painless and lasts between 15 and 30 minutes.


Other resources

American Cancer Society: Radiation Therapy