Reeves Resource Library

The Reeves Resource Library is available to those who wish to learn more about cancer. Patients and families are welcome to access the library's materials.


You can find books, videos and pamphlets on nutrition, coping, survivorship, psychosocial and all aspects of cancer care in our library. Pamphlets and other resources come from a variety of nationally recognized cancer organizations including the American Cancer Society, National Cancer Institute and CancerCare. Many of our visitors also use the library for reading, meditation and respite.


The Reeves Resource Library is named after the wife of a local community leader whose generous donation helped found the library.


Breathing space when you need it; a place to find resources or to just sit for a while.


The library is managed by our dedicated volunteers. If you have questions during your visit and one of our volunteers is not available, you may request a direct follow up.


The Reeves Resource Library is located off the Cancer Center's main lobby. Patients and those attending appointments with them are welcome to use the library anytime during their visit.


Open Monday through Friday.

Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.